Thoughts on Orphan Black season 2

Hello again! Yes, I said there was a Downton Abbey review coming – but stupid me forgot about her working schedule, so that review has been postponed to the first week of February. Next week I’ll probably post another part of the Fitch story (this is getting bigger than I thought…). And today, here’s my review of Orphan Black season 2. MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT!

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Thoughts on Orphan Black season 1

Hello there! How much time has passed since my last haiku? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter, here I am! And this time I once again indulge in “reviewing” a television series (as in “I comment of stuff that was memorable but don’t really say anything about the plot”). Today, it’s all about the first season of Orphan Black – which you should totally watch. Of course SPOILER ALERT!

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