NaPoWriMo Day 28

Busy, as usual. Today’s prompt: skeltonic. 

Easy pie

May soon die

As down I lie

To taste some rhye

Where does it lead

This humming beat

To dancing sound

All year around

(does it work that way? Probably not)


NaPoWriMo Day 13

I should write an emoji poem some day… Today’s prompt: ghazal

In this garden, I thread lightly where ashes bloom.
If I don’t pay attention, my feet will burn where ashes bloom. 

I’ve seen the world fall apart when I looked into your eyes. 
The skies were crumbling into the darken sea where ashes bloom. 

A million screams like roaring thunder burst my ears. 
I sink to my knees, crying, where ashes bloom. 

(I call this the bleak period)

NaPoWriMo Day 10

Double digits already? By the way, many problems have a tendency to solve themselves. Which lend itself to today’s prompt: the Bop.

I’m not a man of fear
Danger is a challenge
To be conquered
But every once in a while
I feel myself plunge
Into deepest horror

Where only darkness waits

I’ve never been truly free
Fear was waiting for me
Even surrounded by merriness
All I saw was horror
I never fought it
That strength I never had
In the face of utter despair
I break down and cry

Where only darkness waits

You didn’t change all that
Your fire isn’t that bright
But in your warm embrace
In your warm eyes
I find that glimmer of hope
That lets me hold on

Where only darkness waits

(yeah, not a problem that solves itself – I like to mislead you)

NaPoWriMo Day 8

Feeling better, but still uninspired… Today: repetitions. Some people think they’re bad style, which is a total mystery to me. 

And I’m like

What if the world is a square

And I’m like

Do rabbits like the night sky

And I’m like

Peaches should be blue or teal

And I’m like

What’s the ocean’s middle name

And I’m like

I like you so much

I keep rambling like a river

Like a stream with no end

But I like you

I like you more

Than just like

NaPoWriMo Day 3

Of course, it has to be an elegy. And I won’t mourn my good health which went missing yesterday. Too easy. 

Drip Drip

I loved you

Drip Drip

The vastness

The sheer space

Drip Drip

The possibilities

The flair

The chic

Drip Drip

Flooring squeaking

As I thread lightly

To my bed

Drip Drip

Walls staying warm

Even in winter

Drip Drip

And now

I even miss

The always dripping tap

Drippety Drip