WordPlay #10: Cpt. Jack applies to SCDP

Good morning, everyone! Have you all seen the Monty Python reunion? I did and it was amazing! They’re still so damn funny 😀

And now for something completely different (see what I did there?). New week, new (revised) WordPlay. For #10, Nika challenged us to write a cover letter. Hooray! Not. I’ve written tons of cover letters, most of which had zero effect on the companies I sent them to. So you better don’t copy the one I wrote for this challenge. Also, it’s more or less a piece of fan fiction: Captain Jack Harkness applies to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (set sometime during Mad Men season 5, but no real spoilers). And yes, I’m planning to write a follow-up to let you know how it went, I just need to find the time to do so. The original version can, as usual, be found over at the Geek & Sundry forums.

Feedback welcome!

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Why Birds of a Feather Don’t Always Make the Best Couple

A super long post to celebrate my new theme. This time, I get analytical (sort of). I’m writing this without knowing the result – it’s called blogging, after all. The topic is “love relationships”, or more precisely “what makes a successful love relationship?”. The other day I read an article on online dating sites which are usually operating with a match-making algorithm based on the idea that, well, birds of a feather flock together: the more similar the partners are (e.g. hobbies, character traits, values…), the more likely they are to have a long-lasting love relationship. Only it isn’t true.

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