NaPoWriMo Day 29: “A Young Doctor’s Audience”

It’s Wednesday, folks! The week is almost over! (do you have Friday off as well?)

Today’s prompt: a review poem. Which is awesome, because as you know I write a lot of reviews and I’ve been wanting to write something about the second series of A Young Doctor’s Notebook. But writing something meaningful about four episodes is tricky, if you remember my review of the first series.

A Young Doctor’s Audience

Jon and Daniel
What a pair
Dancing a waltz
Where’s my gif

Blood and gore
Sex and drugs
Love and sorrow
Heartbreaking end

Fake Cyrillic
Always stupid
Good-looking men
Always welcome

Jon’s voice
You smoke too much
Or maybe you were ill
Never mind, I grin

PS: This format is kinda fun, maybe I’ll use it more often for series where I don’t really have anything meaningful to say… Although the one about Daredevil would probably read “Charlie / Charlie / Charlie / CHARLIE!” *cough*


Review: “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” Season 1

Originally, I wanted to post a short story today, but I’m not yet quite finished with it. Instead, I’m going to review the mini series “A young doctor’s notebook” with Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm. SPOILERS AHEAD

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