WordPlay #10: Cpt. Jack applies to SCDP

Good morning, everyone! Have you all seen the Monty Python reunion? I did and it was amazing! They’re still so damn funny 😀

And now for something completely different (see what I did there?). New week, new (revised) WordPlay. For #10, Nika challenged us to write a cover letter. Hooray! Not. I’ve written tons of cover letters, most of which had zero effect on the companies I sent them to. So you better don’t copy the one I wrote for this challenge. Also, it’s more or less a piece of fan fiction: Captain Jack Harkness applies to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (set sometime during Mad Men season 5, but no real spoilers). And yes, I’m planning to write a follow-up to let you know how it went, I just need to find the time to do so. The original version can, as usual, be found over at the Geek & Sundry forums.

Feedback welcome!

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WordPlay #8: “Spark”

Hi there! Did you miss me? You’d think I’d miss posting every day, but in fact I got used to it pretty (too?) quickly.

Anyway, as promised here is another WordPlay, which is also a piece of fan fiction. So yeah, you can blame Nika Harper for re-igniting my passion for writing fan fics… Her prompts were “inner demons” and “a failed delivery”. First posted on the Geek & Sundry forums, made a few adjustments for this blog version.

Oh yeah, and this is actually a crossover fic: Thomas from Downton Abbey meets Captain Jack Harkness. Because I couldn’t decide which series I should pick 😉 Set between series three and four of Downton Abbey, so beware of SPOILERS. (no particular spoilers for Torchwood or Doctor Who)

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“In the Deep of the Night” (Torchwood fan fiction)

It’s Thursday! It’s fan fiction! I know you don’t care! Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that. Most readers probably don’t care, but I do. So here’s another piece of Torchwood fan fiction (again more or less hurt/comfort). Written in the present tense, which was a lot harder than it sounds. I don’t usually do that and I kept switching to past tense… Oh, and SPOILERS – it’s set between “Children of Earth” ep. 2 and 3.

Before the actual piece starts, I want to give a very quick shout out to the wonderful mobile puzzle game Doctor Who: Legacy (available for Android, iOS and Kindle). It’s completely free to play (yes, you can buy stuff in-game, but you will have the same amount of fun if you don’t – trust me). They recently added Jack to the list of playable characters and Ianto will follow with the next update in about two weeks! So go download! (after you’ve read my work 😉 )

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“Fy Mrawd” (Torchwood fan fiction)

It’s Thursday! No, wait, it’s FAN FICTION THURSDAY! (that’s a thing, right?) As usual when I’m out of ideas – erh, no, that’s not the reason I am posting this piece. Anyways, before I do, a short announcement: my fan fiction can now also be found on the “Archive of Our Own”. For now, I will first post my pieces here on my blog and then (a few days or so later) on the Archive. And now for another piece of Torchwood fan fiction, this time written from the point of view of Rhiannon, Ianto’s sister. The title is Welsh and means “my brother”. SPOILERS for Children of Earth.

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“I Heart J” (Torchwood fan fiction)

Second post of the week. I hope I can keep this pace, I wouldn’t want to simply fill this blog with old WordPlays (I will resume that next week, though). Today, it’s once again fan fiction. Instead of Downton, this time I’m visiting Cardiff for the first of probably quite a few Torchwood fan fics. This is my first one, it’s quite long (around 3,000 words), probably qualifies as hurt/comfort (because Jack/Ianto…), and contains SPOILERS for the entire first two seasons. If you should feel inspired to write a NSFW follow up, please feel free to (and post a link to it in the comments).

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