Final Thoughts on “Downton Abbey”

Well, hello, yes, this blog is still active. Let’s just say there was a pile of paid work that I had to work through first.

In the meantime, I had time to watch all the DVDs I got for Christmas (and the many things that were on my Netflix list), so I now have lots of material for reviews. An no, I haven’t forgotten about Eliot the cat, he’s on my list of “stuff that needs to be finished”. Also, NaPoWriMo is around the corner, so this blog might get a bit busier in the coming weeks. Or not, looking at my work schedule…

So without further ado, here’s the SPOILER-filled review of the final season of Downton Abbey including a lot of speculation about what might happen to the characters afterwards (warning: not too optimistic).

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Thoughts on Downton Abbey series 5

Have I kept you waiting? Yes, I did, and I’m sorry. Forgot that I had to work. So without any further ado, here are my SPOILER filled thoughts on series 5 of Downton Abbey – including the Christmas special.

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WordPlay #8: “Spark”

Hi there! Did you miss me? You’d think I’d miss posting every day, but in fact I got used to it pretty (too?) quickly.

Anyway, as promised here is another WordPlay, which is also a piece of fan fiction. So yeah, you can blame Nika Harper for re-igniting my passion for writing fan fics… Her prompts were “inner demons” and “a failed delivery”. First posted on the Geek & Sundry forums, made a few adjustments for this blog version.

Oh yeah, and this is actually a crossover fic: Thomas from Downton Abbey meets Captain Jack Harkness. Because I couldn’t decide which series I should pick 😉 Set between series three and four of Downton Abbey, so beware of SPOILERS. (no particular spoilers for Torchwood or Doctor Who)

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Why Birds of a Feather Don’t Always Make the Best Couple

A super long post to celebrate my new theme. This time, I get analytical (sort of). I’m writing this without knowing the result – it’s called blogging, after all. The topic is “love relationships”, or more precisely “what makes a successful love relationship?”. The other day I read an article on online dating sites which are usually operating with a match-making algorithm based on the idea that, well, birds of a feather flock together: the more similar the partners are (e.g. hobbies, character traits, values…), the more likely they are to have a long-lasting love relationship. Only it isn’t true.

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Thoughts on Downton Abbey series 4

Yes! It’s finally here! And why did it take me so long? … Well, I guess I had to rewatch it first to get to a (non permanent) final opinion. And you guessed it, the following review (?) contains MASSIVE SPOILERS (including the 2013 Christmas Special). Proceed at your own risk. Also, you know I love Thomas

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O Perfect Love (Downton Abbey fanfic)

I will post my review of Downton Season 4 in a while, but until then I thought I’d write some fan fiction about Thomas. SEASON 3 SPOILER WARNING (well, a minor one). I got “The Chronicles of Downton Abbey” for Christmas, a fabulous book with lots of photos and even more background information. In it, I came across the hymns that were sung at Lady Mary’s wedding – the first being “O perfect love”. It made me wonder how Thomas would feel about those words. Enjoy! (By the way, I haven’t watched the 2013 Christmas special yet, so any deviation from the canon is entirely my fault).

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