“His Parents’ Child” – a short story

Hello everyone! February keeps dragging on and winter just won’t say goodbye. Things are progressing much more slowly that I would like. But this is not the place to complain about my life.

So instead, I wrote a new short story, and once again it’s dialogue-only (I love that format). Oh and it’s heavy on profanity, so if that’s not your kind of thing, you better not read on.

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WordPlay #4: “All That Glitters”

A new week, a new WordPlay! (yes, still working on that Downton review…) This time, it’s all about dialogues! And when I say “all”, I mean “all”, because that was Nika’s challenge: write a dialogue without indicating who’s speaking. The prompts were “starlight” and “an acoustic guitar”. I initially posted my response on the Geek & Sundry forums, but expanded it for this blog post. Enjoy!

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