“Demon Hunters and Other Problems” – Part IV

Hello again! October is drawing to a close, Halloween is approaching quickly and I still haven’t carved this year’s pumpkin. I dare say there won’t be one on our door step this year. Again.

Something else is fast approaching: National Novel Writing Month! I still haven’t made up my mind over whether I will participate this year, but I might do so unofficially, just to get some writing done. Unless I get buried in work (which might be preferable).

This week, we return to Eliot and the demon hunters–coincidentally, someone asked me last week whether I wouldn’t want to write about cats now that I’m watching so many cat videos on YouTube. Well, I’m trying…

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“Demon Hunters and Other Problems” – Part III

Monday, Monday… That tune already playing in your head? It’s now playing in mine, replacing that awful “Supergirl” remix. I’m not a regular radio listener, but this past weekend, I heard that song five times – and it’s only on no. 20 in the singles charts! However, in my dream last night, I heard “Désenchantée” (the Kate Ryan version). Whatever my brain is trying to tell me with that.

Anyway, I’ve come to like Eliot, the black cat, so I contiuned to story that I started two weeks ago. Enjoy!

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