“Julia” – short story

Still October, but it already feels like November around here. When have I last seen the sun?

Today’s the day Marty McFly arrives in the future, so the Internet can finally calm down tomorrow and nobody will ever share the wrong date on facebook anymore. At least that’s my wish for 2015. I’m naive.

Today, I take a break from the story of Eliot, Oliver and the demon hunters (sorry), to try something slightly creepier (hopefully). British webseries “Twisted Showcase” launched their kickstarter for series four yesterday, so of course I had to binge watch the entire series during lunch break.

Here’s the challenge: make a psychological horror story with at most two (maybe three) characters, almost no special effects and very few locations. And you only got like 8 minutes to make your audience shiver. It’s hard. They’re good. You should kickstart them.

So I guess today’s story is a bit of an hommage, but it’s nowhere near as good (unless you disagree).

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All Hallow’s Read: an eerie short story

Happy Halloween, everyone! Have you trick-or-treat-ed yet? Oh wait, not (yet) that time of the day *cough* Around here, I probably won’t see too many costumes, which is a bit lame, so instead I wrote an eerie short story.

Okay, I wrote it last year, posted it on Geek & Sundry (as “When I Look at the Stars in the Sky”) and – well, I’m not sure anyone read it, actually. So I rewrote a few bits and post it again here for All Hallow’s Read, as invented by Neil Gaiman himself. Enjoy – erh, be scared!

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