WordPlay #14: “Confessions of a Whovian”

Hello everyone! It’s springtime – well, most of the time. Today it’s rainy around here, so it looks like it’s gonna be another indoors weekend.

Yesterday, we (I) celebrated 10 years of NuWho – yup, Chris Ecclestone’s 9th Doctor first graced British TVs 10 years ago. Wow. I’ve only jumped on the train three or so years ago and it’s already been one hell of a ride. (meanwhile, yesterday it was also announced that Downton Abbey will see only one more season, but I can’t yet talk about that – too many feels)

So what better piece to publish for today than the sonnet I wrote for Nika Harper’s WordPlay in November 2013, shortly before the Doctor’s 50th anniversary. The original post can still be found on the Geek & Sundry forums and I didn’t dare work on it, because as you all know I kind of suck at poetry with strict rules.

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WordPlay #13 – “The Parable of the Sword Wielder”

Hello again! Sorry for not posting anything last week. Remember how I said things were not going as I wanted them to? Well, things have changed and now I have a mountain of work on my desk. So, hooray?

For this week, I’m re-posting another WordPlay. Don’t be bothered by its unlucky number, it’s a parable. Nika’s prompts for this one were “frustration” and “down but not out”. Still not sure whether I understood the format or its purpose, any feedback would be much appreciated.

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WordPlay #12: “Revenge”

It’s December already – each year I’m amazed by how fast time goes by. Times flies like an arrow, as they say in Japanese. Which would be a perfect introduction to an Arrow review, but I haven’t yet managed to write one (and might actually wait until I’ve watched season two).

So we return to old WordPlays, this time on the topic of “magic”. It sort of screamed “Queen”, but then I decided to do something else. Nika’s prompts were “indigenous” and “amulet of love and mirrors” and I decided to write a poem, because – well, I hadn’t done any in a while. When I posted it over on Geek & Sundry, the commenters made some helpful suggestions, so I revised the first version and am posting a new one here. Comments, as usual, welcome.

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WordPlay #2.4: “Family Business”

It’s been a busy weekend, but now I’m back in front of my computer and ready to post yet another WordPlay – because as it turns out, I missed Nika’s latest challenge *D’Oh* I blame the Facebook algorithm.

So, today’s overall topic is “suspense”! As you (probably) know by know, most of my stories have an element of suspense, so I thought this would be pretty easy to write. But as it turns out, I’m having a hard time doing something on command. So there’s probably less suspense in this piece than there should be. The prompts were “elation” and “the fear of nothing”. Enjoy!

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WordPlay #11: “Night at the Museum”

Hello again! Thanks for dropping by! I realize I’ve been really lazy with fiction writing (and yes, I know my blog’s name). Somehow inspiration has decided to leave my place for a while and I haven’t found a qay of contacting her yet. Any suggestions?

Meanwhile, let’s return to my old WordPlay. The topic of #11 is “death scenes”. Great. Like I said on my original post over at Geek & Sundry, I think for death scene to have impact the reader needs some kind of emotional investment into the characters. So a short story is probably not the best format (also if you know that there’s going to be some kind of death in the story). Anyways, Nika’s prompts were “crossroads and dead ends” and “the best-laid plans”. Hope you enjoy this story! Comments welcome!

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WordPlay #2.3: “Technical Difficulties”

So! I can’t always write reviews on here (although I have plans for many more – Arrow season 1, for example). BUT! A new WordPlay is loooooong overdue. So long in fact that I’m skipping ahead (last one I posted was #10).

Nika Harper recently started season 2, now outside the Geek & Sundry network, which makes it kind of awkward to post responses to her challenges over on their forum. There is a WordPlay group over at scribophile.com, if you’d like to join us. But since my response this time is slightly lengthy, I’ll post it here!

This time, Nika challenged us to write a monologue with the prompts “once more with feeling” and “guilt”. Enjoy!

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WordPlay #10: Cpt. Jack applies to SCDP

Good morning, everyone! Have you all seen the Monty Python reunion? I did and it was amazing! They’re still so damn funny 😀

And now for something completely different (see what I did there?). New week, new (revised) WordPlay. For #10, Nika challenged us to write a cover letter. Hooray! Not. I’ve written tons of cover letters, most of which had zero effect on the companies I sent them to. So you better don’t copy the one I wrote for this challenge. Also, it’s more or less a piece of fan fiction: Captain Jack Harkness applies to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (set sometime during Mad Men season 5, but no real spoilers). And yes, I’m planning to write a follow-up to let you know how it went, I just need to find the time to do so. The original version can, as usual, be found over at the Geek & Sundry forums.

Feedback welcome!

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WordPlay #9: “The Hexacon Report”

Oops, I should’ve posted this yesterday. Sorry everyone, the World Cup got the better of me ^^;

I know, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a longer piece of fiction that was not fan fiction – and this despite the name of my blog. Almost four months, actually. Aiye! Today is once again a modified answer to Nika Harper’s WordPlay challenge. The topic was “pirates” and the prompts were “deception” and “chasing shadows”. The original version can be found on the Geek & Sundry forums. Feedback welcome!

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WordPlay #8: “Spark”

Hi there! Did you miss me? You’d think I’d miss posting every day, but in fact I got used to it pretty (too?) quickly.

Anyway, as promised here is another WordPlay, which is also a piece of fan fiction. So yeah, you can blame Nika Harper for re-igniting my passion for writing fan fics… Her prompts were “inner demons” and “a failed delivery”. First posted on the Geek & Sundry forums, made a few adjustments for this blog version.

Oh yeah, and this is actually a crossover fic: Thomas from Downton Abbey meets Captain Jack Harkness. Because I couldn’t decide which series I should pick 😉 Set between series three and four of Downton Abbey, so beware of SPOILERS. (no particular spoilers for Torchwood or Doctor Who)

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WordPlay #7: “Never Giving Up”

Back to my normal schedule. Hope you all had a wonderful #FeliciaAppreciationDay! (if you missed it, it’s never too late to show her some love) On here, I continue with re-posting old WordPlays – and this time, I even gave it a new title! *shock* So, Nika had challenged us to write the beginning and the end of a story on the prompts “fragile desire” and “someone had to clean this up”. My original response was titled “American Dream”, but as was pointed out to me by a reviewer, the title doesn’t really reflect the content. So I changed it (and rewrote parts of the end). Hope you enjoy it. Feedback always welcome!

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