NaPoWriMo Day 28: “Lesson from the Past”

It’s the final countdown! Day 28 of NaPoWriMo! Prose fans, the draught will soon be over!

Today’s prompt was to write a poem made up solely of words taken from a newspaper article. I could have taken the story about George Clooney, but instead I chose this Guardian article about the so called “comfort women”. Not because it’s a nice topic, but because it’s one that deserves more attention.

“Comfort women” (jap. ianfu) is the euphemistic term used by the WW II Japanese Army for the mostly Korean and Chinese girls and women they forced to work in their brothels at the front – systematic sexual slavery, in other words. There are numerous accounts and documents proving this, but to this day the Japanese government has refused to recognize the thousands of victims. It’s a real shame, but I firmly believe that the truth cannot be subdued forever.

Lesson from the Past

A historian

Ninety ironclad archives

The truth is hidden