Yes, this blog is still alive

Just a quick heads up: yes, I’m alive and well and I really want to fill this blog with more content – but alas, work is getting in my way. And the heat wave. Which will all soon be over (I hope), so there should be more actual content coming up.

In the meantime: a review poem about Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

Sillyness, it shall prevail

If they weren’t famous

I wouldn’t care

Archer’s real face

Bradley kissing

Jon kicking ass


What more could we want?

(Season 2, of course)


Intermission Announcement Haiku Stuff

I know, this blog has been quiet for two weeks (three?) and I apologize. I has assumed that I would actually publish something during my holidays – whatever made me think that in the first place. And then back home I was hit with a mountain of work and ever since I’ve been fighting deadlines. So, yeah, I guess it’s safe to say you won’t see many long posts until the end of August. Which is a shame, really, because there is SOOOOOO much I want to write. But we all know that money makes the world go round and unfortunately I’m no exception to that rule…

Review Mashup Haiku

Is he guilty or
Will she return from the SHUCan he be faithful

For the curious ones, these lines refer to Broadchurch, Orange is the New Black and Penny Dreadful, respectively. Just so you know what I’ve been watching these past weeks.

Intermission Haiku IV

It’s supposed to be June. It’s supposed to be sunny and warm and nice. Instead it’s grey and cold. Thank God for Netflix (OITNB! Penny Dreadful!)

(Fun fact: there’s a German word for the cold days in June – Schafskälte or “sheep’s cold”. Whatever sheep have to do with cold weather)

Then again, at least I now don’t have to bemoan the fact that I have to stay inside and work.

Also: just a few more days of work and then I can finally go on holidays!

Bottom line of all this blabla: there wasn’t enough time to write a proper story for this week, so instead here’s another haiku. About sheep.

Round and cuddly white
To warm me when all hope’s lost
Stop staring like that

More Intermission Haiku

Remember when I said last week was a rollercoaster? Well, it appears it won’t stop anytime soon. Or rather, it won’t stop before my summer holidays which start in about two weeks (YES!). So much stuff to do, so many things where I just have to wait (did I mention I tend to be impatient?), so many things that I’m not entirely motivated to do… Let’s just say I’m really looking forward to the end of August when things will (hopefully) have returned back to normal.

In the meantime, this blog will remain slightly neglected and I totally apologize for it – here’s hoping I’ll have more time for creative stuff once the end of August comes around. For now, enjoy another intermission haiku about – well, it’s hot and sunny outside, so why not one about… Gunkanjima (“battleship island”)? (I read a newspaper article about it today)

No sun for my home
Green towering on my roof
Buried above earth

Intermission haiku II

Yes, I know, I’ve been quiet the last week – I’m sorry. My life resembles a rollercoaster right now – much to do and not enough time. So I guess it’s only natural that my blog suffers from that. I hope to get this fixed this month and to have more regular updates in July. In the meantime, a haiku about rollercoasters.

Steeply climbing high
Hitting the ground like a rock
To get up again

Intermission haiku

Yes, I know, I promised a couple of “actual” blog posts, but with Mother’s Day and all I just didn’t have the time (or motivation?) for them. So instead, a Sunday haiku (totally unrelated to today’s occasion, sorry).

In silver I shine
Long enough for you to plea
Until I come down

WordPlay #12: “Revenge”

It’s December already – each year I’m amazed by how fast time goes by. Times flies like an arrow, as they say in Japanese. Which would be a perfect introduction to an Arrow review, but I haven’t yet managed to write one (and might actually wait until I’ve watched season two).

So we return to old WordPlays, this time on the topic of “magic”. It sort of screamed “Queen”, but then I decided to do something else. Nika’s prompts were “indigenous” and “amulet of love and mirrors” and I decided to write a poem, because – well, I hadn’t done any in a while. When I posted it over on Geek & Sundry, the commenters made some helpful suggestions, so I revised the first version and am posting a new one here. Comments, as usual, welcome.

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A haiku a week – Part III

Hello again! I’m back from my summer holidays (it was amazing, btw!) Still trying to catch up on everything I missed, but it’s getting better (despite the heavy jet lag…).

I’m working on another review, but in the meantime, here’s another haiku, this time inspired by Twitter’s @thetweetku challenge “a haiku about a sandwich”. Hope you’re not too hungry 😉

Panini in the Sun

Melted cheese on bread

Deliciousness dripping down

Where is my napkin?

A haiku a week – Part II

Monday, last day before I finally go on vacation *excited* Also, just a reminder that I probably won’t post anything next week. Or maybe I will. *teaser*

The topic of this week’s haiku is – well, the ubiquitous human experience that nothing lasts forever and that especially friendships can be hard to hold on.

The Limits of the Social

Time goes by too fast

All the friends we gain and lose

Facebook doesn’t help