Yes, this blog is still alive

Just a quick heads up: yes, I’m alive and well and I really want to fill this blog with more content – but alas, work is getting in my way. And the heat wave. Which will all soon be over (I hope), so there should be more actual content coming up.

In the meantime: a review poem about Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

Sillyness, it shall prevail

If they weren’t famous

I wouldn’t care

Archer’s real face

Bradley kissing

Jon kicking ass


What more could we want?

(Season 2, of course)


A look back at 2014, a glimpse ahead at 2015

Hello everyone and welcome to the future! We’ve all safely reached 2015 (at least I hope you have) and are ready for the things to come – maybe.

Instead of posting a short story, haiku or review, today I’m taking the time to take a look back at 2014, my first year of blogging. If you wanna know what you can expect from the following 12 months, you will also get a glimpse of that.

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A haiku a week – Part II

Monday, last day before I finally go on vacation *excited* Also, just a reminder that I probably won’t post anything next week. Or maybe I will. *teaser*

The topic of this week’s haiku is – well, the ubiquitous human experience that nothing lasts forever and that especially friendships can be hard to hold on.

The Limits of the Social

Time goes by too fast

All the friends we gain and lose

Facebook doesn’t help

“And why are you doing this?”

The inevitable question when starting a blog in 2014 – apparently, there are not yet enough blogs out there.

Personally, I’m doing this to share my fiction. Most of it will be responses to Nika Harper’s WordPlay vlog, which until recently was part of Geek & Sundry. I have my own author thread on the Geek & Sundry forums and will continue posting there. So what’s the difference between that thread and this blog? Well, as it is the forums are better suited to short texts. On this blog, I will post longer versions of my initial WordPlay responses, or possibly even completely different versions if inspiration hits me…

In short: I will post fiction, ranging from prose to poetry, on a variety of topics (although I’m leaning towards scifi and fantasy). Oh, and I will post reviews of TV, movies, comics etc whenever I feel like I need to share my thoughts.