My Gilmore Girls rant

Why, yes, of course this blog is still alive. I’m just very, very busy. Life, you know.

So, while I’m waiting for my Torchwood 10th Anniversary repeat viewing (happy birthday, you!), I’m writing my very long and probably very emotional rant (?) about Gilmore Girls, which I just finished watching. Spoilers ahead, obviously.

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Bechdel testing my own writing

Hello everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the season. I’m not, by the way, I prefer it warm and sunny.

So, I know I said that I would continue the story about Fitch and the not-very-talkative dead. Thing is – the story kind got out of hand. I’m currently at 30,000 words and have also rewritten the earlier stuff I posted here. Bottom line: you can probably (hopefully!) expect a fantasy novel at the end of this year, but for the time being Fitch won’t be returning to my blog. I’m sorry.

So when I thought about what I should write about in my next post, my Twitter feed was filled with more articles on the Bechdel Test. And I thought: hey, why not test my own writing, see how sexist I can be. Self-centric, and I don’t know the result as I’m typing these words.

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The future of music? The AKB48 phenomenon

And now for something completely different! (yes, I love Monty Python) In between all those haiku and short stories and TV reviews, why not also write about Japanese pop music? I originally wrote this article (well, a slightly different version) for the Austrian students’ magazine “Todós” in 2014. Sadly, it ceased publication last year and I fear not many people got the chance to read it. So I’m reposting it here with a little bit more up-to-date information. Cauton: long read ahead (ca. 2300 words).

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Why Birds of a Feather Don’t Always Make the Best Couple

A super long post to celebrate my new theme. This time, I get analytical (sort of). I’m writing this without knowing the result – it’s called blogging, after all. The topic is “love relationships”, or more precisely “what makes a successful love relationship?”. The other day I read an article on online dating sites which are usually operating with a match-making algorithm based on the idea that, well, birds of a feather flock together: the more similar the partners are (e.g. hobbies, character traits, values…), the more likely they are to have a long-lasting love relationship. Only it isn’t true.

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