NaPoWriMo 2016 – the roundup

Did I say “tomorrow”? *cough* At least I meant to write this post on Sunday, but then a page turner novel got into my way. And on Monday, there’s always work (like, the stuff for which I get paid), so it’s now Tuesday.

Not sure you wanna read this post? It closes with a bonus haiku! (so scroll down)

As mentioned repeatedly, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted/could participate this year, but I found that once I had started I couldn’t give up midway. That said, the poems of my third NaPoWriMo (well, GloPo, actually) were probably a tad too kitschy and sad. Not that I don’t have a history of bleakness when it comes to poetry, but I might have profited from introducing a lighter note from time to time…

Time to look at the stats which partly reflect what I just said.

Poem with the most likes: #17 with 10 likes. Okay. While I think the end has a nice flow to it, the beginning is a bit wobbly (at best).

Poem with the least likes: #9 with 1 like. Is it really that bad? It would probably merit a rewrite, but I like the overall sentiment…

My personal favorite was probably #10 (for the flow), and a few that could probably do with a rewrite… (or at least a spell-check)

Looking through this year’s poems now, I notice how often I’ve used the phrase “it doesn’t matter”.  I mean, sure, in the grand scheme of things it does not matter, but in my own private head it matters a lot.

In essence, this was a mediocre NaPoWriMo for me, at best, but my mind may have been a bit preoccupied with other stuff.

And now, for all that stuck around (or scrolled down), the bonus haiku:

Lies told to protect
Trust found in past betrayal
Tears cried to pretend


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