NaPoWriMo Day 30

So this is it, folks. The final day of NaPoWriMo (with my “traditional” round-up post planned for tomorrow). It’s been one long walk. Cause it wasn’t one hell of a ride.

Anyway, today’s final prompt is: “translate” a foreign language poem. For which I’ve chosen Yr Olwyn Lonydd (“the wheel track” – maybe) (to be found here), a Welsh poem by Susan May who, I should mention, only learned Welsh as an adult and has already won prizes for her poetry. Now, my own Welsh consists of a few words and phrases, so I decided to translate the words in each line I know and make up the rest (and keep the rhymes). I hope Susan May is okay with that (and the kitschy-ness)…

Old is the world now, and you
The feeling to me, still brand new
Time has flown, the years have passed
My share of happiness, it cannot last

In olden days, when love was not
An ice-cold shiver, never forgot
I never questioned, never rebelled
Never knew of the wonders that life held

As time got older, my pain it grew
My brothers gone and now you, too
My life, perpetual misery
Will I never be set free?

Come back to me, my love, I wait
Let’s put aside our fights, the hate
Forgiveness may be hard to find
But I can’t leave it all behind

I will wait until the end of days
When you’re long gone, I’ll sing your praise
Of olden love that I destroyed
Until the day I face the void


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