NaPoWriMo Day 22

April is slowly drawing to a close. Today is Earth Day and – fittingly – it’s really warm outside. Until tomorrow, when it will get really cold.

Speaking of Earth Day – that’s (of course) also today’s prompt.

When earth was young
You were already red
And I was already there
For no real reason
Other than being

As earth aged
So you formed
Water cutting
Through your sides
Bringing animals
And plants
I continued to watch
As there wasn’t much else
That I could do

When humans arrived
I was curious
How they would form you
They cut into you
And through you
Cherished you
And burnt you
They loved your red
But not enough
And still I stood there
Couldn’t do much

Until one day
I was sent away

(In honor of the majestic Grand Canyon)


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