NaPoWriMo Day 4

Hello again! So far, NaPoWriMo has gone quite well. Well, or “okay-ish”. Still doing a bit of soul searching, I guess…

Today’s prompt: write about the cruelest month. Erh. Okay, no idea where this is gonna end up…

At some point
Someone decided
The year should have 12 months
Not that it matters
For time flows
And isn’t stopped by dates
Or kings
The seasons change
But the song remains the same
Whether winter cold
Or summer heat
Sorrow never stops
Pain seldom heals
And fear is always present
The longer I live
The more it all blends
But now that I’ve met you
I wonder if things might change
Until that time
When you will meet your end as well

(Personally, I think all months are equally cruel in some way…)


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