“Demon Hunters and Other Problems” – Part II

What’s the good thing about OS updates? You discover unfinished work! (though not as in “paid work”, luckily) Also, you get the opportunity to throw out all the old files you kept for nostalgia reasons, and to erase all those old Firefox bookmarks that you can’t even remember why you made them in the first place. In the world of computers, it’s autumn, rather than spring cleaning (or summer, if you need to be the first with everything).

Anyway, today’s story is part II of Eliot’s adventure (?) from last week. Because cats are adorable. And surprisingly hard to write about. (and I have an idea where this story migh be going)

Demon Hunters and Other Problems – Part II

So where was I? Oh, yes, the rainy back alley.

Well, while I was pondering my miserable life, the rain had decided to become even colder and wetter, if that was possible. Probably meant the demon was about to die. And of course, I had entered one of the few back alleys of New York that didn’t provide any shelter for poor cats. Well, yes, I can afford to go to fancy restaurants, so I expect the back alleys in this area to be just as fancy, but, you know, it doesn’t hurt if you let a cardboard box lie around for a bit…

So I stopped in my tracks and made my way back to the street. If the demon was about to die, the rain would soon end and I could very well get home in time to meet Mommy and look at her in a way that made her feel pity and give me hot chocolate and marshmallows and—who am I kidding? Mommy had vowed to never give me any sweets when she had found out that I’m allergic to chocolate. And I knew it wasn’t good for me and that it would keep me indoors for at least a week, but you know, when you’re miserable and all…

Thunder roared in the sky above me and the same second, a bright flash set a car across the street on fire. So it was definitely demon-caused rain and I could forget to hide under a car until—

“Ouch!” Someone yelled.

It took me a few moments, then I noticed that I had run into another cat who now sat before me, her paw rubbing her nose. Cute. The other’s fur color was unidentifiable in the rain, probably something between brown, black and grey. No pure breed, as far as I could tell from the smell. Yes, pure breeds smell different, but please don’t tell anyone!

“I’m very sorry.” I curtsied for no particular reason other than my nose also telling me that this cat was also male.

The other one put down his paw and eyed me with his large copper eyes. Intensely, but also very warmly.

“Well, you didn’t break my nose, so that’s something.”

There was a rumble in the sky and without warning, the rain stopped, the clouds vanished and the moon was shining down on us.

The other one looked up. “What a romantic night…”

“Uh huh…” I mumbled, not quite knowing what he meant with that. Although I of course hoped that this was going into a particular direction, so I introduced myself. “I’m Eliot, by the way. Eliot Nightfall. I don’t believe we’ve met?”

The other cat looked back at me and chuckled. “In case you didn’t notice, New York City is actually quite large. It’s actually quite common not to have met previously.”

I grinned. “But according to statistics, the probability of two random people sharing the same birthday—“

“is higher than 50% if 23 people are in the same room, I know.” He grinned as well. “Oliver. No last name, sorry.” He nodded and I had a really hard time to get the stupid grin from my face. “Too bad the demon used a magic blocker – I would have needed that rain shield tonight…”

I was startled. “You know about the demon?”

“Erh, yes? Who doesn’t? I mean, it’s kind of obvious when you wake up and find out you can’t produce any decent looking food anymore. I mean, unless you think it’s completely normal that cats can’t cook.”

“You know how to cook?” Did I mention that there is nothing sexier out there than cats who know how to cook? And who know about demons, but don’t care? And look really great? And are intelligent?

Oliver sighed. “I had to learn it – my owner is a total failure around the house. Doesn’t even know how the dishwasher works. Although – maybe that’s just pretending…” He cocked his head and I knew I just had to get him into the nearest bush in the next 5 seconds or I would burst.

“A… Any plans for tonight?” I managed to say.

He widened his eyes a little bit, eyed me from top to bottom and then licked his paw, pensive. “Well…” Suddenly he stood on his four feet, his nose just almost touching mine. He grinned. “Central Park’s around the corner, right?”

If I had known what waited for me at home, I wouldn’t have nodded and I definitely wouldn’t have followed him. At least I didn’t get anyone pregnant.


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