More Intermission Haiku

Remember when I said last week was a rollercoaster? Well, it appears it won’t stop anytime soon. Or rather, it won’t stop before my summer holidays which start in about two weeks (YES!). So much stuff to do, so many things where I just have to wait (did I mention I tend to be impatient?), so many things that I’m not entirely motivated to do… Let’s just say I’m really looking forward to the end of August when things will (hopefully) have returned back to normal.

In the meantime, this blog will remain slightly neglected and I totally apologize for it – here’s hoping I’ll have more time for creative stuff once the end of August comes around. For now, enjoy another intermission haiku about – well, it’s hot and sunny outside, so why not one about… Gunkanjima (“battleship island”)? (I read a newspaper article about it today)

No sun for my home
Green towering on my roof
Buried above earth


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