NaPoWriMo Day 29: “A Young Doctor’s Audience”

It’s Wednesday, folks! The week is almost over! (do you have Friday off as well?)

Today’s prompt: a review poem. Which is awesome, because as you know I write a lot of reviews and I’ve been wanting to write something about the second series of A Young Doctor’s Notebook. But writing something meaningful about four episodes is tricky, if you remember my review of the first series.

A Young Doctor’s Audience

Jon and Daniel
What a pair
Dancing a waltz
Where’s my gif

Blood and gore
Sex and drugs
Love and sorrow
Heartbreaking end

Fake Cyrillic
Always stupid
Good-looking men
Always welcome

Jon’s voice
You smoke too much
Or maybe you were ill
Never mind, I grin

PS: This format is kinda fun, maybe I’ll use it more often for series where I don’t really have anything meaningful to say… Although the one about Daredevil would probably read “Charlie / Charlie / Charlie / CHARLIE!” *cough*


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