NaPoWriMo Day 28: “3,000 Miles”

Hello everyone! It’s Tuesday, already (at least it feels that way).

Today’s prompt: a poem about bridges. Coincidentally, the motto of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is “Building Bridges”, but I resisted the urge to write a poem related to it (or maybe I’ll change my opinion halfway through – we’ll see).

3,000 Miles

What divides us
Is an ocean
A sea so deep
It can never be crossed

If I had wood, or steel
If I were an engineer
I’d build a bridge
Across that sea

They’d call me crazy
They’d turn from me
But I would hammer on
Alone at night

So I could cross it
To your side
I’d fall into your arms
Never to part again

So if you find
A piece of wood
Send it to me
So I can start


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