NaPoWriMo Day 23: “The Mountain Creature”

Day 23 of National Poetry Writing Month. Only seven days left *sniff*

Today’s prompt: draw a card, write a story, make a poem out of it. And of course I chose my stack of Pokemon cards. Not that I play the game, I just like the illustrations – and especially the shiny, glittery hologram cards which I used for this game. I got this Electivire card (okay, mine is slightly different – more glitter, less metal shine) and wrote a story about a lonely mountain monster (which I might post in full length in May). Here’s the poem:

The Mountain Creature

Far away mountain of snow and ice
Home to a creature of fur and strength
Taken for a bear, an alien longing for home
Killing for survival in foreign land.
No one to talk to, no one to love
Wandering the deserted snow
Piercing through its flesh
Lost its memory a long time ago
If you see it, better say you didn’t.


4 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 23: “The Mountain Creature”

    • Admittedly, I stopped playing Pokemon after the initial 200, so I never encountered it in the game. Glad I managed to capture its spirit. Nerds rule! 😉

      • Oh, same here. I haven’t played pokemon since the cards first started coming out, lol. I have a binder full of them, but I was more interested in collecting them (and schooling the neighbor kids out of theirs) than playing seriously. I love what Pokemon is, but from afar (probably more than anything because I never have had the consoles that the games are out on now).

        But yes, yay nerds! Feel free to come peruse my occasionally-geek-themed scribblings at ^_^

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