NaPoWriMo Day 21: “Bread and Butter”

Day 21 of National Poetry Writing Month! Almost there. Almost. *sniff*

Today’s prompt: An erasure poem! It occurs to me now that it would have been fun to just pick one of the many research articles on my computer and erase words. But maybe it would have ended up being a poem that goes like this: “Girls/reading/empowerment/gender/future”. Just kidding.

Instead, I went to Wikipedia and hit the “Random article” button. I ended up with the Canadian politician Clarence Gillis, so let’s see how he turns into a poem:

Bread and Butter

Canadian Cape born underground

Steel and Coal infantry in the War

returned official helped becoming

affiliate east of the House,

leading voice championing achievement

securing the Strait defeated leader

acting lieutenant rose represented

attacked butter amongst enlistment

needy butter allow them to vote

Nova Maime Theresa

PS: If you do this, choose an article about food.


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