NaPoWriMo Day 18: “And I Rattle On”

NaPoWriMo, Day 18. Seems like people are already getting tired of poems. Or it’s the WordPlay statistics tool being broken again. Ah, the mysteries of modern technology!

Anyway, today’s prompt is: a poem about an urgent journey and an important message. And don’t worry, this won’t be as long as Longfellow’s.

And I Rattle On

On and on, the steam rises high
Over the mountains they fly
Announcing my departure
Announcing my arrival
Quick, quick, you rolling ores
Every second could be my demise
Faster, faster, you shovels of coal
Don’t want to imagine
How this could end
If I don’t get this through to her
My life, her happiness
Would all be lost
If I could call her from afar
How much easier my life would be
Don’t stop at every little station
Not even the large ones
Just take me to her
Alas, I’m too late
Who could have known
She married three years ago
And I have nowhere left to go.


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