NaPoWriMo Day 14: “Pillow, Pillow”

Hello again! It’s Day 14 of National Poetry Writing Month!

Today’s prompt: a dialogue poem. Now, you might know that I simply love writing dialogues. So of course I love this prompt as well. Hope you like the result!

Pillow, Pillow

If there’s one last thing for me to ask
Go ahead then
Have you ever thought of me
As being the one and only
Have I ever been
More than just a friend
Why you wanna know
Doesn’t help you much
Now that we’re done
My heart it needs to know
In lonely nights, I need a thought
Soothing my bleeding soul
If that could be you
Sorry to disappoint you
We had fun, it was hot
And that’s that
I’d given my life for you,
My everlasting soul
But in return, all I get is pain
Whatcha want
It was just a one-night stand


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