NaPoWriMo Day 10: “Not an Iceberg”

Hello everyone! It’s Day 10 of National Poetry Writing Month and–

Wait, what? I’m today’s featured participant?! Holy sh***. That is really unexpected. You know, when I posted that poem yesterday, I thought “Nobody’s gonna like this–it’s not a poem and it’s not even legible.” Okay. So that’s that. Thank you Maureen!

God, and now I’m supposed to respond to today’s prompt: an alphabet poem. You’ve been warned.

Not an Iceberg

Around Burning Cedars

Dawns Ember From

Golden Heaven, Illuminated.

Joyful Kindness, Let Me

Never Obey Perfection.

Quality Renders Senseless

The Unwavering Verity,

Wanting Xerxes Youthful Zeal.

PS: I’m aware it doesn’t make sense. Or does it…?


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