NaPoWriMo Day 9: “He’s Back”

Hello everyone! It’s Day 9 of National Poetry Writing Month!

Today’s prompt: a visual poem. Which is to say: take an actual pen and write a poem.

Now, since I rarely use a pen these days (for writing, at least), I thought let’s make this something special. So instead of using my plain boring usual handwriting, this poem is written entirely in the old German writing style known as Kurrent. It flows quite nicely and was heavily in use during the 19th century, but today hardly anyone can read or even write it. (see below the poem for the transcript)

He’s Back

Visual poem: "He's Back"

Visual poem: “He’s Back”

In the / deepest forest / of the / night, / oh, a / mighty / long neck / winding / into the / darkened sky. Everlasting / glory of the heaven’s creation, / never to waver, never to / fall! But oh! All things / must end, like/ the / night. / But / he / will / rise/ again, higher / than ever before, / and we will fear him – mighty Brontosaurus!

(And yes, it’s not really a poem – shame on me)


14 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 9: “He’s Back”

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  2. This is gorgeous! Like…my jaw is on the floor with how visually-indulgent your calligraphy is. I expect to see something like that framed on a wall somewhere nice.

    And I liked the writing too. I’d call it a poem. ^_^

  3. But, it is a poem and lovely too!
    I used to hate poetry, until one day I heard a poetry reading by narrative, free form poets and realized you don’t need to adhere to strict rules, a poem should just “be”
    It is an art form and you have done an awesome job.

  4. I would definitely call it a poem! And a brontosaurus poem! Yay! I also love the handwriting. Congratulations on being the featured artist for day nine.

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