NaPoWriMo Day 5: “I Dwell in Possibilities”

Happy Easter, everyone! Hope you found a lot of eggs and a chocolate bunny. (I found season 4 of Game of Thrones)

Today’s prompt of National Poetry Writing Month: rewrite Emily Dickinson! Which is great, because I know absolutely nothing about her or her poems (and constantly mix her up with the Bronte sisters – I know, I know…) So this is my version of “I dwell in Possibility -“

I Dwell in Possibilities

I dwell in possibilities
Dreams, a fairer house than prose
More numerous the windows,
Superior for the doors of its chambers
The cedars, impregnable to me, grow outside
As I raise my eyes, an everlasting roof
The endless blue of the sky
Visitors are not welcome to this fairest world
For they would occupy it against my will
It’s this that I long for:
To spread wide my narrow hands
To gather paradise

PS: Sorry, Ms. Dickinson, I know this doesn’t do you justice…


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