NaPoWriMo Day 3: “Teenage Rebel”

It’s Good Friday, everyone! By the way, why it this Friday “good” in English and a day of “sorrow” (Kar-freitag) in German?

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a fourteener – a poem where every line has 14 syllables. And they are supposed to be iambic. I tried iambic pentameter once and hated it because I can never tell which part of a word is stressed. So I’ll ignore the word stresses for this poem. And no, it’s not about Easter. Sorry. (instead, I used this random word generator)

Teenage Rebel

Mother told me to be strong, not to give in to my friends.

But if I would listen to her, what daughter would I be?

I want to run naked into the woods, yeah, scream and shout.

I want to take a bath in my jeans and make them fit tight.

I want to spend all my money on milkshakes and burgers,

And if my credit card don’t work, I run without paying.

You think I’m nice, you think I’m smart, but really I’m just me.

PS: My blog layout is probably not ideal for poetry…


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