WordPlay #14: “Confessions of a Whovian”

Hello everyone! It’s springtime – well, most of the time. Today it’s rainy around here, so it looks like it’s gonna be another indoors weekend.

Yesterday, we (I) celebrated 10 years of NuWho – yup, Chris Ecclestone’s 9th Doctor first graced British TVs 10 years ago. Wow. I’ve only jumped on the train three or so years ago and it’s already been one hell of a ride. (meanwhile, yesterday it was also announced that Downton Abbey will see only one more season, but I can’t yet talk about that – too many feels)

So what better piece to publish for today than the sonnet I wrote for Nika Harper’s WordPlay in November 2013, shortly before the Doctor’s 50th anniversary. The original post can still be found on the Geek & Sundry forums and I didn’t dare work on it, because as you all know I kind of suck at poetry with strict rules.

Confessions of a Whovian

You hear the sound, distinct, a box of blue.
A year ago, no meaning yet to me.
Your name was bright, but why, oh Doctor Who?
Impression one: a childish series, see.

But you became fantastic, brilliant, my!
Took me to places I had never seen,
Gave me emotions: wonder, laugh, and cry.
Alas, a fortnight short, intense it’s been.

No longer childish, happy I shall be.
Ahead a journey full of life and thrill.
A global fandom I embrace for me.
Trust me, a feeling truly outstanding still.

Eleven’s light is slowly fading, why?
The star of Twelve about to rise up high.


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