“A Tree of Longing” – a short story

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great week (I did).

Today’s short story isn’t actually about trees and – shock! – it’s not even about the solar eclipse currently happening above me. Instead I went to the Dragon Writing Prompts blog and discovered this post about the “12 sentences of Christmas”. So the story isn’t about trees, but it looks like one. Enjoy!

A Tree of Longing


I run.

How much further?

I can’t stop now.

Where does this road go?

I take the long way home.

I hope they’re safe from the monsters.

If only I knew how to contact them.

I want them to know that I’m still alive.

They’re going to be so happy when they see me.

It will make us all forget that we are at war.

Something grabs my leg, yanks me back and starts to devour me.


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