WordPlay #13 – “The Parable of the Sword Wielder”

Hello again! Sorry for not posting anything last week. Remember how I said things were not going as I wanted them to? Well, things have changed and now I have a mountain of work on my desk. So, hooray?

For this week, I’m re-posting another WordPlay. Don’t be bothered by its unlucky number, it’s a parable. Nika’s prompts for this one were “frustration” and “down but not out”. Still not sure whether I understood the format or its purpose, any feedback would be much appreciated.

The Parable of the Sword Wielder

It was dark, darker than the night, so dark he couldn’t see his hand in front of his face.

His sword was sharp, but with the darkness around him, he wasn’t sure if it would be of any use.

Suddenly, he was attacked.

First it was only one creature, but soon it was joined by hundreds more.

He whirled his sword, but he couldn’t see whether he hit any of them.

They bit his flesh, forcing him to his knees and finally on the ground.

As he lay there, he was ready to give up and closed his eyes.

And suddenly, he could see.

Everything was bright, the creatures clear before his eyes, and his sword still sharp.

And with his eyes still closed, he got up again, took his sword, and killed the creatures.

When he opened his eyes, it was dark again, but as he knew the light inside himself, he kept on walking.


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