Thoughts on Orphan Black season 2

Hello again! Yes, I said there was a Downton Abbey review coming – but stupid me forgot about her working schedule, so that review has been postponed to the first week of February. Next week I’ll probably post another part of the Fitch story (this is getting bigger than I thought…). And today, here’s my review of Orphan Black season 2. MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT!

Thoughts on Orphan Black season 2

Where were we? Ever since I started watching ten series in parallel (or so it feels), I tend to forget where things left off. In this case, Kira got abducted, Helena was dead, Alison had murdered someone and Cosima was ill.

The great thing with Orphan Black is of course: it always gets even more intense with twists and turns you never ever expected. My favorite this season was definitely Tony, the transgender clone. I really, really hope they’ll bring him back in season three, so we get more of him and Felix. Okay, that would get totally complicated very soon, but isn’t that the fun of the series?

The funny thing about the series – something that I only noticed recently – is that even as viewers we are pretty much clueless as to what’s going on. Okay, we know there are numerous female clones and that somehow they were created in England (I think) for the military and now there are several groups fighting over who gets them. Or something. The more I think about it, the more confused I am. And things won’t get any easier now that they will also introduce a bunch of male clones.

My two favorite character arcs this season were probably those of Helena and Donnie. Last season, Helena was the crazy killer clone, but this season we got to see a much more human side of her, even the hint of a romance – which I found totally adorable, I hope she finds him again. Donnie was one of the characters I didn’t like in season one – I thought he was just dumb. But this season, he got a lot of great moments – including accidentally shooting Dr. Leekie and then burying him with his wife. Totally badass.

As always, huge kudos to Tatiana Maslany who plays all of the clones so wonderfully and distinctively. Okay, not all of them, now that we’ve met the little girl Charlotte. They’ll probably ignore her again at the Emmys and that’s a total shame, but we all know she would deserve one more than anyone else. I mean, seriously, how many scenes are there without one of the clones?

Bottom line (obviously): I love this series and I can’t wait for season three.


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