WordPlay #12: “Revenge”

It’s December already – each year I’m amazed by how fast time goes by. Times flies like an arrow, as they say in Japanese. Which would be a perfect introduction to an Arrow review, but I haven’t yet managed to write one (and might actually wait until I’ve watched season two).

So we return to old WordPlays, this time on the topic of “magic”. It sort of screamed “Queen”, but then I decided to do something else. Nika’s prompts were “indigenous” and “amulet of love and mirrors” and I decided to write a poem, because – well, I hadn’t done any in a while. When I posted it over on Geek & Sundry, the commenters made some helpful suggestions, so I revised the first version and am posting a new one here. Comments, as usual, welcome.


I built my home on land so wide and free

Alas, there was something that I could not see.

To indigenous people it had once belonged

They vowed revenge on those who had them wronged.


One night in my attic I saw a light as bright as the sun.

A beautiful amulet with a stone of fiery red.

“I’ll bring you love” it whispered in my head.

But, alas, such treasures are not that easily won.


The glowing red, it made them fall for me:

Whoever I wanted – oh, could this be true?

But only one there was that I loved too.

Alas, it was not meant to be.


A mirror reflected our first kiss,

But the amulet tore me from the Miss.

Entrapped I became, behind the glass.

And now I’m just a reflection, alas.


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