WordPlay #10: Cpt. Jack applies to SCDP

Good morning, everyone! Have you all seen the Monty Python reunion? I did and it was amazing! They’re still so damn funny 😀

And now for something completely different (see what I did there?). New week, new (revised) WordPlay. For #10, Nika challenged us to write a cover letter. Hooray! Not. I’ve written tons of cover letters, most of which had zero effect on the companies I sent them to. So you better don’t copy the one I wrote for this challenge. Also, it’s more or less a piece of fan fiction: Captain Jack Harkness applies to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (set sometime during Mad Men season 5, but no real spoilers). And yes, I’m planning to write a follow-up to let you know how it went, I just need to find the time to do so. The original version can, as usual, be found over at the Geek & Sundry forums.

Feedback welcome!

Cover letter

Dear Mr. Sterling, dear Mr. Cooper, dear Mr. Draper, dear Mr. Pryce,

I am writing in application for the position of Senior Account Executive at SCDP as advertised in this weekend’s New York Times. I have been following the trajectory of your agency ever since your brilliant advertising campaign for the Kodak Carousel. It actually made me buy one of these projectors and I have spent many happy evenings going through my collection of slides.

Now why should you hire me as your new Senior Account Executive? First off, as a frequent traveler, I have made experiences with many different people and cultures. This will come in handy as your agency is gathering clients from countries other than the US. Secondly, you will profit from my prior experience as a team leader. For many years, I have been working for a UK based research institute where I have overseen dozens of people and have also successfully negotiated with the local government. While I find this job very satisfying, I feel that it is now time for a career change and I believe that SCDP offers me the opportunity for new experiences in a new environment. After all, we all believe in the same thing: that the promise of a brighter tomorrow is mankind’s biggest asset.

This belief in the future is what I will sell to your current and prospective clients, together with the assurance that SCDP’s creative work will associate their products with that future in the customers’ minds. I hope to hear back from you soon,


Captain Jack Harkness

7, Bute Crescent
Cardiff CF10 5TW
United Kingdom
+44 1222 XXXXXX


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