NaPoWriMo – the roundup post

May the first – oh wait, that’s another three days. Anyways, yesterday was the last day of NaPoWriMo and here comes the post with the things I learned (maybe) from it.

At the start of NaPoWriMo, I thought I’d never manage to write 30 haiku. Not because I don’t have enough ideas, but because I would quickly lose interest. Well, that wasn’t true, obviously. I also thought that it would drive readers away, rather than draw them to my blog. That was also not correct – I gained around 30 followers (THANK YOU!).

Still, it’s interesting to take a look at what my readers apparently like:

  • Haiku with the most “likes” (assuming they mean something): #15 with to date 9 likes – then again, that was also a Daily Post response which probably helped produce traffic
  • Haiku with the least “likes”: #2 and #14 which both got 0 likes – okay, that’s a surprise. I thought there would be more with zero likes…
  • Haiku with the most comments: #5 and #27 which both got 2 comments – one of which were mine, so add to that haiku #8 which also got 1 comment
  • Haiku with the most views (according to WordPress stats): again, #15 with 17 views (coincidentally, also the most popular post this month)

Even more “insightful” (aka “just for fun”) statistics:

  • Haiku I like best: #15 (yes, I love those shoes)
  • Haiku I like least: #29 – tough choice, admittedly, but although it’s supposed to be nonsense it shouldn’t read like nonsense…
  • First draft haikus: all of them! (yes, really – sadly, I’m not a second draft girl)
  • Haiku that also count as Torchwood fan fiction: four (and maybe another one) – see whether you can spot them 😉

I’ll probably post less haiku in the future – but I hope you’ll still click on a few of my posts. Or like. Or comment. Or share. And for fun’s sake, a last (for now) haiku:


It has been much fun

Did not discover my soul

Will keep on writing

Up next week: Another WordPlay (one of my personal favorites) – stay tuned!


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