NaPoWriMo Day 2: “Possession”

Okay, I thought I would stop haiku-ing after day one. But since I apparently have the time, here’s my contribution for day two of National Poetry Writing Month. Today’s prompt was to write a poem inspired by a non-Greek/Roman myth. And since this blog is named after a Japanese river, of course I had to write something inspired by Japanese fairytales.

There are hundreds and thousands of strange and quite horrid creatures in those tales and choosing one (or, in this instance, two) alone was already hard. In the end I went for Tenome, the man with the eyes on his hands, and the Yosuzume, the creepy birds haunting night travellers. And just for fun, I added a Japanese version of the lines (due to counting issues, the last line is only half a translation). Enjoy!

Possession 憑依

Your eyes on your hands 目が手の中

With horror, I am bound. 恐怖で縛り

Birds cry “chi, chi, chi”. チッチッチ


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