Felicia Appreciation Day!

A special blog post (it’s Sunday…) for a very special person: Felicia Day. 24 hours to say thank you and to send her some much deserved love. I contributed to the scrapbook (read the full story here on the Geek & Sundry forums), but I thought I’d write a few more lines.

So… My first encounter with Felicia was in Buffy season 7 – and I have to admit that I didn’t really appreciate her at the time, because I was (am) a Willow fan girl. Years passed and the next time I encountered her, I took notice: it was in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog which had been strongly recommended to me by one of my best friends. And I loved it. And I especially loved Felicia, because red hair + amazing voice = love.

From then on, I couldn’t really escape her anymore. Next I found myself binge-watching The Guild and when I finally got hold of the Dollhouse DVDs, I was delighted to find Felicia in there as well.

And as you know, today I’m a proud member of the Geek & Sundry forums, also founded by the ever creative, ever innovative Felicia Day. Without Geek & Sundry, I would never have started writing short stories and (especially) putting them on the Internet for everyone to read. So I have to say a big, heartfelt


If one of my screenplays every gets produced, I want her cast as the female lead (fingers crossed, everyone!).


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