WordPlay #6: “Five Years Later”

As promised in my last post, this week I’m back with reposting old WordPlays (okay, one old WordPlay) from the Geek & Sundry forum. This time, it’s poetry, or rather iambic pentameter. I thought briefly about a rewrite, but then I remembered that I had a more than hard time writing the original version (rhymes are not my thing…). So I’m simply reposting… Nika’s original prompts were “a leather boot laying by a field” and “a choice”. My original post can be found here. Comments welcome!

Five Years Later

Returning home in suit and tie
Years later “Welcome” does not fly.
I leave the station and with whistle’s sound,
Suspicious looks will follow me around.

I wander through the fields of wheat,
What I gave up below my feet.
Yet still remorse is far from me,
I have attained much more, you see.

“Will you stay or will you go?”
All my father wanted to know.
“My life it lies beyond this farm, my dear.”
I said this with joy, but also with fear.

Leaving I hoped my life was sealed
From being rotten leather boots
Forgotten by a dying field.
And so I burnt my roots.

My way had mountains, high and low,
And more than just one single foe.
I shall not put my sword to rest,
For I still love you in my chest.


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