WordPlay #5: “Appointment with a Twin”

Hello again! Still slow with updating this blog. I guess I hit the inspirational low of the month (or was it the season?). Today, another story for Nika Harper’s WordPlay vlog. This time, it’s a ghost story. Not the creepy kind, I should add. Also, taken from a much larger project of mine, so you might feel unsatisfied at the end of it… The prompts were “lilies to say goodbye” and “a needed conversation”. The original (though not much different) version can be found on the Geek & Sundry forums. Enjoy!

Appointment with a Twin

“I’m here. Like you said: Tuesday, three a.m.” The living room answered with silence. “Hello? Are you there?”

Suddenly, I felt very silly. Who wouldn’t? I had an appointment with a ghost, a ghost I had met in my dream the other night. To be fair, it wasn’t just some random ghost – it was my twin sister. Oddly enough, I had instantly recognized her, even though I had last seen her in our mother’s womb.


I shrieked. Slowly, I turned around – and there she was. Rika. Looking like a stereotypical angel, with a long white dress and her flowing black hair.

“I know I kept you waiting.”

“It’s okay.” I stammered.

There had been so many questions I wanted to ask: Are you really a ghost? Where are you now? Why do you look like a twenty-year old? Have you seen mom? Instead, I was just staring at her.

“I know this is weird for you. It’s weird for me as well. I haven’t talked to any living being before. Do I sound strange?” She looked a little bit helpless.

“No?” I hesitated. “Why are you suddenly interested in me?”

“Oh Mia… There’s nothing sudden here. I’ve always been interested. I was there at your graduation ceremony. Don’t you remember?”

I stared at her. I tried to remember that night when we were still pretending to be a happy family, when everyone was smiling even though the clouds of sadness were hanging over our house. I saw my family applauding me, saw them smiling and taking pictures. But Rika had not been among them. I slowly shook my head.

“Oh.” She looked disappointed. “I thought she had told you…”

“Told me? Who?”

“Never mind. I’m glad we finally meet – it can get pretty lonely in my world. Especially for those who are like me…”

“Like you?”

“For those who didn’t live long enough to learn how to interact with other beings around them.”

I shivered. She looked so beautiful, but underneath that smile there had to be so much sadness. I knew mom had always grieved for her, and now I understood that this had been a mutual feeling. I wanted to hug Rika, but when I tried to touch her, my hand just glided through her. I felt tears dwelling up in my eyes.

“It’s okay. Don’t be sorry for me or for the fact that you survived.”

“But you’re all alone and I’m getting all the fun that was meant for both of us.”

Rika laughed in amusement. “I’m not all alone. Grandma’s been taking care of me. It’s just… Sometimes I want someone of my age I can talk to, you know?”

“Grandma? Grandma’s a ghost?”

“I don’t think she’d like the word ‘ghost’, but in essence – yeah. Oh, and she says hello and that she’s very proud of you.”

Now I was really crying. I had never met grandma, only seen a picture or two, but to think that I had made her proud touched me more than I would have thought.

Suddenly, Rika lifted her head. “Oops, I think our first real conversation ends here…”

“What? No! There’s still so much I need to ask…”

“Yes, I know, but that will have to wait for another time. I’m being called back.”

“Back? To where? When can I see you again?”

“When my schedule allows it? Sorry, I can’t really fix a date just yet.”

“Don’t go! Please!”

“I’m sorry.” Rika’s figure was already slowly dissolving “Oh, by the way – mom says she would like you to bring some lilies to her grave-” And then she was gone.

The next day, I bought ten white lilies and lay them on mom’s grave. But unlike the last time I had been there, it didn’t feel like I was saying goodbye, but more like someone was already there, waiting for me. Waiting to talk.


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