WordPlay #2: The Shard

It’s poetry time! Nika’s challenge for WordPlay #2 was to write a free verse poem with the prompts “memorie” and “the reason it isn’t there”. I thought about changing my initial poem, but couldn’t find a way to do so. Poetry to me is a lot about mood, and that doesn’t easily lend itself to rewriting. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do.

The Shard

A shard of green glass
Washed up on the shore
It reminds me of something
I pick up the shard
It cuts my skin
Red blood joins the shimmering green
The stream warms my cold hand

I know this feeling
I’ve had it before
I look through the shard and the world turns green

Someone is standing on the shore
But once I blink
He’s gone
I’m alone
I know this feeling

At night, I lie awake
The shard in my hand
I try to remember
The world that is green
The warmth that is red
The life that is grey

I dream of towers and of flags
I’m holding someone’s hand
I’m not scared anymore
I wake up
And I have to scream

The shard is lying on my table
My blood has dried on it
Who are you?
Where have I seen you?

I can’t rely on my memory
It’s slowly fading
Soon I will forget everything
I’m living in a bowl of glass
They say it’s not my fault
It’s a disease

Break the bowl
Cover me in shards
Let me out of this prison
That’s called forgetting

Remember me
Because I can’t


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