“And why are you doing this?”

The inevitable question when starting a blog in 2014 – apparently, there are not yet enough blogs out there.

Personally, I’m doing this to share my fiction. Most of it will be responses to Nika Harper’s WordPlay vlog, which until recently was part of Geek & Sundry. I have my own author thread on the Geek & Sundry forums and will continue posting there. So what’s the difference between that thread and this blog? Well, as it is the forums are better suited to short texts. On this blog, I will post longer versions of my initial WordPlay responses, or possibly even completely different versions if inspiration hits me…

In short: I will post fiction, ranging from prose to poetry, on a variety of topics (although I’m leaning towards scifi and fantasy). Oh, and I will post reviews of TV, movies, comics etc whenever I feel like I need to share my thoughts.


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